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In back to back episodes, none of Bashir’s friend notice he’s been replaced by a changeling, then his parents can’t tell they’re talking to a hologram instead of their son.

Like, wow, does anyone actually listen or pay attention to this guy?

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I think a big part of the reason Garak got exiled is because *really*, deep down, he didn’t want to be in the obsidian order, doing the shit he was doing.

Like l’m sure he wanted to impress his father and he wanted to be a good Cardassian but I don’t actually think he wanted to do shit like crushing Bajorans beneath his bootheel.

In fact I specifically think that Garak is okay with a couple of aspects of his job

- blowing shit up

- killing people who have it coming

as demonstrated by A. that time he blew up his shop, B. that time he blew up and killed a romulan senator, C. that time he tried to blow up and kill the founders

But I am pretty sure he ffffffffucking hates interrogations, as demonstrated by

A. the thing his father choosing to compliment him on having been interrogations

B. his father forcing him to prove his loyalty by conducting an interrogation 

C. alternate-universe Garak *loving* interrogations

D. that time when Gul Dukat and Garak are fighting Klingons and Dukat says something about Garak loving interrogations and Garak agreeing with him 

I mean don’t get me wrong I’m sure Garak is really *good* at interrogations - like, he totally succeeds in getting information out of Odo - but he’s good at it because he’s empathetic and ends up feeling the pain he inflicts on other people.

Which is also the thing that would have soured him on the Bajoran occupation because, again - it’s one thing to assassinate a high-ranking political figure who knew that death was one possible price of his attempt to climb the ladder of power.

But putting a bootheel into a bunch of largely helpless wrinklynosed faces for fifty years just isn’t something a man like Garak can take pride in. 

(Gul Dukat, or even Damar, now those are guys who can totally take pride in that)